Link Probate Ltd Solicitors

Your firm may have been appointed to deal with the administration of an estate but are unable to complete the process due to missing heirs or gaps in the family tree, or perhaps you are missing documentation to prove the potential claim of an heir, or seeking a missing legatee.

Some intestacy cases can be complex involved locating potentially hundreds of heirs all over the world but here at Link Probate Services our expertise can help manage the risk.

Our proficiency in the field of probate research means we can offer a range of services that may assist you,no matter how big or small the case may be.

These include:

  • Full Intestacies
  • Partial Intestacies
  • Distribution Schedule Check
  • Locating Missing Shareholders
  • Family Tree Check
  • Administrator Search Service
  • Missing Documentation
  • Assest Repatriation

Our specialist knowledge and experience within the probate genealogy industry means we are able to offer a cost effective solution to the legal profession in a number of ways.

Fee and Disbursement Basis

We will perform research on an hourly rate basis ( plus the cost of any disbursements obtained ) within a fixed budget agreed by you. Should we feel more research is required we will recommend this within our report and will await your further instructions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss our fee charges in further detail.

Contingency Basis

We will carry our research at our own risk and expense at no direct cost to the estate to identify the missing beneficiaries. Should we be successful in locating them we will enter into an agreement with them directly whereby we receive a percentage of their share of the estate. This percentage can be set by you and is completely flexible. Please feel free to email or telephone us to discuss this option further.

Locating Identifying Next of Kin