Who are Link Probate?

We are a firm of international probate genealogists who trace missing heirs to unclaimed estates, with over 15 years experience within the industry.

Link Probate Ltd Solution

Why have you contacted me?

We believe that you are a potential heir to an unclaimed inheritance and may have contacted you for a number of reasons. When a person dies without leaving a will, intestate, it may be necessary to locate the statutory next of kin in accordance with the Administration of Estates Act 1925. A firm of genealogists may be required to assist a solicitor with this process. Alternatively you may have been named in a Will as a legatee and we have been asked to locate you on behalf of a bank or Trustee.

Is this bona fide?

You can rest assured that our reason for contacting you is genuine. We would not have written to you unless we believed you were a potential heir. Please feel free to contact us directly by telephone or email should you have any questions.

Link Probate Ltd How Fees Are Paid

How are your fees paid?

We may have been instructed on a fee and disbursement basis by our client in which case our fee forms part of the general administration expenses of the estate and there is no cost involved to you.

Alternatively, we may have been asked to proceed on a contingency basis whereby we ask you to sign an agreement which authorises us to receive a percentage share of your inheritance should we be successful in proving your claim. There is no direct cost to you, we will simply receive our fee from your share directly from the administrating solicitor on the same day that you receive your inheritance. At no time do we ask you for any monies directly from your own pocket, and if in the unlikely event you were not be an heir we simply return the commission agreement to you and you are not liable for any costs that we have incurred.

When can I expect to receive my inheritance?

This will be dependant upon the type of case we are working on. Some intestacy cases can be extremely complex involving tracing and identifying hundreds of beneficiaries all over the world and can take some time to complete. In other cases you may have been named as a legatee in a Will which may be more straightforward. Either way we will seek to let you know when you may be expected to receive your inheritance and please feel free to contact us for an update.

Locating Identifying Next of Kin